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Debunking Gender Myths #3: Women Should Prioritize Calorie Restriction And Low-Fat Foods To Stay Lean

blog muscle science for women Apr 05, 2021

We've already debunked two of the most common myths related to training differences between men and women. 

If you missed those posts, check them out below:

Let's move on to another common myth that is extremely misleading when it comes to nutrition practices for men versus women.

Myth #3: Women should prioritize calorie restriction and low-fat foods to stay lean, while men need to prioritize protein for optimal body composition

^This is a flat-out lie.

EVERYONE should prioritize protein intake in order to promote optimal health and muscle growth. 

Here's the truth...

It's difficult for most people to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time (referred to as body recomposition); it’s a much more effective approach to simply prioritize one at a time, and eat/train accordingly.

This is why many strength and aesthetic athletes go through “bulking and cutting” phases. This doesn't mean that you need to gain a ton of fat and eat unhealthy if you want to gain muscle; it just means you can’t be in a chronic state of restriction and expect to grow muscle tissue at an efficient rate.

The common practice of eating as little as possible is what leads to disordered eating, endless cycles of disappointing diets, rebounding and binging, and the dreaded “skinny fat” physique that many women end up falling victim to.

"Skinny fat" occurs when you lose body fat but are still disappointed in your body composition because of a lack of underlying muscle -- a direct result of not fueling appropriately for your body composition goals.

Learning to properly nourish your body in a sustainable way, without feeling guilty that you’re eating more than you’ve been lead to believe is enough, could be an even more important key to muscle growth than your exercise routine.

In the Muscle Science For Women program, we teach you how to set the appropriate baseline and plans in motion for fueling your body that will help you achieve your specific goals, and arm you with the knowledge to make changes and adjustments as needed. You'll learn EXACTLY how to set up your nutrition protocol for YOU and what truly matters when it comes to changing your physique and improving your health long-term.

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