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Nicole's 3 Year Transfomation in The Flex Fam

blog transformations Jan 05, 2024

Nicole's journey thus far in The Flex Fam Group Coaching Program

“I thought I would share my progress. The point of this post is that sometimes the physical progress is slow. But if you are patient (really patient), it ramps up!

📍Jan 2022: My starting weight was 160 lbs. It was not my worst weight but it was higher than I had seen recently. I had been actively trying to lose weight and get into shape since my second daughter was born (she’s 11 years old). I had tried every diet/exercise protocol out there!

📍Jan 2023: 156 lbs. While I had a fantastic year with the Flex Fam, I was bummed I only had a 4-pound difference over a year and still felt fluffy. I refused to even take any selfies except the ones Rachel forced us to do 😂. At this point, I was starting to wonder if the vision I had for myself was even achievable. With that said, I had faith in the plan and I knew I just had to dig deep and not lose hope. I had learned so many new skills in my time with the Flex Fam, grown stronger and I was getting better at applying the tools.

📍Now, Jan 2024: 147 lbs, and what a difference!

The journey has been bumpy and slow. But damn it’s paying off! I’m so proud! Keep going, ladies!”

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