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My Fat Loss Transformation

blog fat loss keto for women Aug 07, 2019

Back in February 2019, I realized that I had put on a few "extra pounds" after going through a pretty busy and stressful year. My clothes were a bit tighter than normal, love handles were coming out to play, and I just didn't feel that great in my own skin.

As a nutritionist and fitness professional, it's hard to admit to myself (and especially others) when I’ve ‘fallen off the wagon.’ 

And although I may have all of the knowledge, tools, and experience to 'get back on it''s not always that simple. 

I realized that I was struggling in a few particular areas…

  1. Accountability - I didn’t have the support or guidance from an ‘outside person looking in’ to keep me accountable, bounce ideas off of, or simply just help keep me motivated to follow through with my goals every single week.
  2. Long Term Plan - I didn’t have a specific plan in place and I was frankly burnt out from making plans for other people that I just didn’t have the mental energy to make one for myself.
  3. Lack of Strategy - I didn’t have strategies set in place to help me work towards the specific goals I wanted to achieve. I was stuck in this particular mindset...not giving myself the opportunity to branch out and try new things. Plus, my body was just screaming for me to 'switch things up.' 

Long story short, I hired my own coach, created a long-term plan, implemented specific strategies along the way, and ultimately achieved the goal that I set out for myself.

Just so you have a visual, the left picture below is where I started and the right picture is where I'm at now:

I took the time to help myself...and now I want to help you!

I’ve taken ALL of the strategies I’ve learned and implemented for myself and put them into creating my Keto For Women Program.

If there are any men still reading, you can check out my other programs HERE. šŸ˜

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