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A woman performs an exercise facing away from us while a large arrow points to the side of her butt. Text reads "Don't".

How to Build Side Glutes

blog Mar 27, 2024

How to Build Side Glutes 

You Don’t Have Side Glutes

Technically, we don't have side glutes, but what people are referring to when they ask that question is more about how to build the glute medius and glute minimus. The glute medius is located more on the side of your butt, while your glute max makes up the majority of the back. The glute minimus lies beneath the glute medius.

Why Hip Extension is So Hip these Days

If you want to build your "side glutes," the first focus is on building your glutes in general. This involves primarily hip extension exercises for the glute max. The key is loading up the glute max with proper form and technique to generate optimal muscle tension.

Can’t Slack with Kickbacks

An excellent exercise for the glute medius is kickbacks. Cable kickbacks and band kickbacks at a 30-degree angle target the glute medius, while straight-out kickbacks work the glute minimus. Focusing on the kicking angle allows you to target specific glute muscles.

Unilateral Movements

Incorporating unilateral movements such as step-ups and lunges engages the side glutes in stabilizing the body. These exercises emphasize strength and stability, though they may not work the muscles through their full range of motion.

Tips for Kickbacks


  • #1: Elevate Your Foot


When performing cable kickbacks, elevate the foot you're standing on if you find it frequently hits the floor. This adjustment makes it easier to kick back without touching the ground, enhancing the movement's effectiveness.


  • #2: Use a Bench


To improve stability during kickbacks, consider using a bench for support. Place your nonworking leg on the bench while kicking back with the other. This minimizes stability demands on the working leg, ensuring better muscle engagement.

Get that Bubble Butt

The desire for a full, "bubble butt" often leads to inquiries about building side glutes. Prioritize hip extension movements to target the glute max and supplement with accessory exercises like kickbacks. Focus on progressive overload and proper nutrition to achieve optimal glute development.

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