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Dining Out Tip 🍽 🥗 🍱

blog fat loss lifestyle tips Jul 18, 2019

When ordering a dish that has several toppings, sauces, add-ins, etc. (i.e., salad 🥙)...always ask for the following on the side:

  1. Dressing/Sauce 🥫 —> It’s hard to know exactly what dressings and sauces are made of when eating at restaurants AND it’s even harder to know how much of it you’re consuming. ALWAYS ask for them on the side so you can control how much you’re using.
  2. Nuts/Seeds 🌰🥜 —> These are very calorie-dense toppings and can add up SUPER quickly. Make sure to ask for any nuts, seeds, or higher-calorie toppings on the side so you can control the amount you’re consuming.
  3. Cheese 🧀 —> I usually recommend asking for any cheeses on the side for the same reason above. Cheese is energy-dense and calories can add up pretty darn fast if you're not aware.

    The more you can deconstruct the dish...the easier it will be to control (and track) what you’re consuming. And you shouldn’t feel bad about taking a few extra seconds to make these modifications when ordering. Just be very polite about it and express that you have specific dietary restrictions...they should be more than happy to accommodate you 👍🏻

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