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Common Mistakes when Building Glutes

blog Mar 09, 2024

Common Mistakes when Building Glutes

#1: Too Wide of a Stance

One of the common mistakes that I see when training glutes is adopting too wide of a stance for squats and deadlifts.


  • Finding the Optimal Stance


Traditionally, people believe that a wider stance is better for targeting glutes. However, considering glute anatomy and the pivot point of the pelvis, a slightly narrower stance might be more effective for exercises like squats, RDLs, and leg presses.

#2: Stop with all the Booty Bands

Using booty bands excessively can be another mistake in glute training, especially when they're added to almost every movement.


  • Understanding Tension and Sensation


While bands can be helpful for teaching movement patterns, overusing them might compromise the tension necessary for glute growth. Bands can introduce complexity to your nervous system and detract from the primary goal of creating tension in your glutes.

#3 Not Using Enough Weight

Neglecting to use sufficient weight or load in glute exercises is a common error.


  • Load is Key for Muscle Growth


To effectively build glutes, focus on weighted movements such as barbell hip thrusts and squats. Opting for less loadable exercises like banded glute kickbacks might limit your potential for muscle growth.

#4 Not Prioritizing Movements Correctly

Not prioritizing hip extension movements, especially for the glute maximus, can hinder progress.

  • Importance of Hip Extension Movements

Hip extension exercises like barbell glute bridges, hip thrusts, leg presses, and squats are crucial for stimulating glute growth. Prioritize these movements to target the largest glute muscle effectively.

#5: Restricting Diet too Much

Not consuming enough calories can greatly hinder muscle growth, including glute development.


  • Fueling Muscle Growth


Muscle growth requires sufficient fuel and nutrients. Restricting calories or not eating enough protein can impede your body's ability to build muscle, including in the glutes. Prioritize proper nutrition to support your muscle-building goals.

Remember, building glutes involves a combination of proper exercise technique, load management, and appropriate nutrition. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can optimize your glute training and achieve the results you desire.

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