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What Should You Eat Before A Workout?

blog tips Dec 02, 2022

If your energy sucks during your workouts or you feel like you tap out mid-way through…might be time to start paying closer attention to your meal timing and nutrition around your training sessions 🤷🏻‍♀️💪🏻

This is an example of a pre-workout "snack" I'll consume about 45 minutes before my workout:

➡️ Rice cakes topped with protein spread (protein powder mixed with water), banana, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, and salt.

Here's the breakdown of why I chose each component 🤓

Carb Sources -- Rice Cakes & Banana 🍚 🍌

  • Quick and easily digestible
  • Starch + Fruit combo to take advantage of multiple pathways of absorption

Protein Source -- Protein Powder 🥣

  • Increase circulating amino acids going into training to optimize MPS (muscle protein synthesis) and prevent as much MPB (muscle protein breakdown) as possible...AKA fuel the gains train!

Fat Source -- Pumpkin Seeds 🌰 🥜

  • Small amount of fat to help steady blood sugar response
  • Not too much fat to slow digestion down pre-training
  • Adds more crunch factor 😋

Salt 🧂

  • Aid electrolyte balance
  • Facilitate pump (sodium pulls water into your muscle cells and increases blood flow AKA gives ya a good pump)
  • Helps with nutrient absorption and transport

📌 Tip: Instead of fearing carbs (and calories for that matter)...maybe start thinking about fueling appropriately for your goals so you can train hard and get that "toned" look you're after 😉

Remember, getting "toned" comes from building muscle, NOT just losing body fat.

Losing body fat makes you a smaller version of your current shape. Building muscle CHANGES your shape! 🤯

Hope this helps!!

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