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Straddle Lift; Tips & Classic Mistakes

blog Nov 25, 2023

The Straddle Lift: Form, Tips & Classic Mistakes

The straddle lift is a fantastic movement that offers a blend of squat and deadlift benefits. Whether you're training at home or lack access to a leg press machine, the straddle lift can be a versatile addition to your workout routine. In this blog post, we'll explore the different variations and how you can target specific muscle groups with this exercise.

Setting Up the Straddle Lift

To perform a straddle lift, you'll need something stable to elevate both of your feet. Stacking plates, using stable boxes, or yoga steps can provide the necessary elevation to optimize the movement. This setup allows you to achieve a good stretch at the bottom of the lift.

Glute Bias Straddle Lift

For those looking to target their glutes more specifically, the glute bias straddle lift is an excellent variation. Hold a weight in front of you, push your hips back, and focus on feeling the stretch in your glutes as you hinge at the hips (similar to a Romanian Deadlift or RDL). This variation places more emphasis on the glute muscles throughout the movement.

Quad Bias Straddle Lift

Conversely, if you're aiming to target your quads, the quad bias straddle lift is the way to go. As you descend into the lift, emphasize flexing at your knees, turning it into a squatting movement. This variation engages your quads more and provides a great alternative to the leg press for targeting these muscles.

Traditional Straddle Lift

The traditional straddle lift combines elements of both the glute bias and quad bias variations. It starts with a hip-hinging motion, targeting the glutes at the beginning of the movement, and then transitions into more of a squat as you flex at the knees. This well-rounded variation allows you to engage both the glutes and quads throughout the lift.

Choose Your Focus

The beauty of the straddle lift lies in its versatility, allowing you to choose the focus of your workout. Depending on your goals and preferences, you can tailor the straddle lift to either target your glutes, quads, or a combination of both. Whether you want to build strength, increase muscle mass, or add variety to your training routine, the straddle lift has you covered.


If you're looking for an effective exercise that combines the benefits of squats and deadlifts, the straddle lift is a must-try. Its versatility allows you to target your glutes, quads, or both, making it a valuable addition to any lower body workout. Remember to maintain a stable setup with proper elevation and focus on form to get the most out of this fantastic movement. Incorporate the straddle lift into your routine and enjoy the benefits of this unique and effective exercise.

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