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Woman doing split squat with the words "target this" pointing to her butt.

Split Squat to Get a Bigger Booty

blog Jun 29, 2024

Split Squat to Get a Bigger Booty

Split squats are versatile exercises that offer various variations to target specific muscle groups effectively. Depending on your goals, you can adjust your setup and execution to bias either the glutes or quads during split squats. In this blog post, we'll explore different split squat variations and how to optimize your positioning for optimal muscle targeting.

Glute-Focused Split Squats

If your primary goal is to target your glutes during split squats, you'll want to emphasize flexion at the hip. To achieve this, focus on the following:

  • Leaning Forward: During the split squat, lean forward slightly to increase the stretch through your glutes. This forward lean helps activate the glute muscles more effectively.
  • Vertical Shin: Keep your shin vertical by pushing your hips back. This positioning reduces the involvement of the quads and directs more tension toward the glutes.

Remember, both the glutes and quads will be engaged during split squats, but your setup and execution can help bias one muscle group over the other.

Quad-Focused Split Squats

For those looking to target their quads more during split squats, follow these guidelines:

  • Elevate Front Heel: Elevate the heel of your front foot on a step or platform. This will increase knee flexion and help emphasize the quads during the movement.
  • Push Knee Forward: Focus on pushing your knee forward over your toes as you descend. This creates more knee flexion and further activates the quads.

As with glute-focused split squats, both muscle groups will be working together, but the emphasis on knee flexion and foot positioning will enhance quad activation.

Proper Setup and Foot Positioning

To perform split squats effectively, pay attention to your setup and foot positioning:

  • Train Tracks, Not Tightrope: Avoid standing on a tightrope, i.e., with your feet too close together. Instead, keep your legs shoulder-width apart, similar to train tracks.
  • Step Forward Carefully: When stepping one leg forward, avoid bringing it too close to your midline. Maintain balance by ensuring your feet are at a comfortable distance from each other.

Choosing the Right Split Squat Variation

To maximize your split squat routine, choose the variation that aligns with your muscle targeting goals:

  • Glute-Focused Variation: Opt for a split squat with a slight forward lean and a vertical shin to emphasize the glutes.
  • Quad-Focused Variation: Elevate the heel of your front foot and focus on pushing your knee forward over your toes for increased quad activation.


Split squats offer an excellent opportunity to target both the glutes and quads simultaneously. By adjusting your setup and execution, you can bias one muscle group over the other and tailor your split squat routine to achieve your specific fitness goals. Remember that proper form and positioning are crucial for optimizing muscle targeting and reducing the risk of injury. So, whether you're targeting glutes, quads, or both, split squats can be a powerful addition to your lower body workout routine.

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