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What Do I Keep in My Gym Bag

blog May 08, 2024

What do I Keep in my Gym Bag?

When it comes to hitting the gym and having an efficient and effective workout, having the right tools and accessories can make a significant difference. In this blog post, we'll explore some essential items to keep in your gym bag to enhance your training sessions.


  • Electrolytes and Water - The Importance of Salt


Electrolyte balance is crucial for optimal performance during your workout. One often overlooked electrolyte is salt. Keeping a small container of salt in your gym bag can help ensure you maintain the right electrolyte levels while training. Proper electrolyte balance can improve your pump and overall training experience. Remember to accompany your salt intake with water to stay hydrated.


  • Angles Grips for Back Training


For an effective back workout that targets different areas of your back muscles, manipulating your grip position is essential. Angles grips are a valuable addition to your gym bag, allowing for a versatile and comfortable grip during rowing movements and pull-down exercises. These grips provide the flexibility needed to engage various back muscles, including the upper back, rear delts, and lats.


  • Versa Grips - Supporting Heavy Loads


When training with heavier weights, your grip strength may become a limiting factor. Versa grips, or wrist straps, come to the rescue in such situations. They enable you to perform movements like dumbbell rows, RDLs, and deadlifts without worrying about your grip giving out before your target muscles. These grips can be beneficial for individuals aiming to build as much muscle as possible, making it a useful addition to your gym bag.


  • Wedges for Enhanced Squatting


Proper ankle mobility is essential for effective squats, but not everyone has perfect mobility. Wedges are a valuable tool to support your squatting movements. Whether you're doing barbell back squats, front squats, or split squats, wedges can help improve your setup and maximize the benefits of your squats. They can be particularly beneficial for quad-focused split squats, ensuring you target your muscles effectively.


  • Long Loop Resistance Bands for Added Challenge


Resistance bands are versatile tools that can be used to add resistance and challenge to various exercises. Keeping long loop resistance bands in your gym bag opens up new possibilities for your training routine. Whether it's hip-banded barbell RDLs or reverse banded back squats, these bands can provide an extra challenge to level up your workouts.


  • Music for Motivation


No gym session is complete without some pumping tunes. Don't forget to pack your favorite workout playlist and a pair of comfortable wireless earbuds. Listening to music while training can increase motivation, focus, and enjoyment during your workout, pushing you to achieve your fitness goals.


Having the right items in your gym bag can significantly impact the quality of your training sessions. From electrolytes and grips to wedges and resistance bands, these essential accessories can support your fitness journey and help you get the most out of each workout. Remember to tailor your gym bag contents to your specific training goals and preferences, so you can crush your workouts and achieve your fitness aspirations.

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