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Episode 2: The Truth About Cholesterol with Dr. Bret Scher

podcast Mar 24, 2020

Dr. Bret Scher (, (


Dr. Bret Scher is a board certified cardiologist practicing for fifteen years and has recently become the medical director for where he focuses on reframing the narrative of health to include low-carb diets. Dr. Scher has gone beyond traditional medical training and obtained certifications in functional medicine, behavior change, nutrition, and personal training. He is the author of Your Best Health Ever, and he hosts The Diet Doctor Podcast.

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In this episode we talk about cholesterol myths, blood testing, and Dr. Scher’s definition of Metabolic Flexibility!

“Not all science is created equal and not all low carb/keto diets are created equal either.”

Episode Top Takeaways:

  • What lab tests you should actually pay attention to.
  • Why your total cholesterol number is virtually meaningless.
  • Saturated fats are not the devil many people believe.
  • Why the cholesterol you eat is not equal to the cholesterol in your body.
  • Why metabolic flexibility is important for cardiovascular health.

Show Notes:

  • [3:50] When Dr. Bret began suggesting the Ketogenic diet instead of medication for Diabetes 
  • [4:40] “Deprescribing was not a word that I had ever used before”
  • [5:30] The most important lab metrics for blood testing
  • [6:21] “Total cholesterol is close to meaningless...”
  • [8:15] “If you are metabolically healthy, your LDL particles are going to look and behave differently than if you are not metabolically healthy” 
  • [8:50] Low carb and Ketogenic diets are the most powerful intervention for changing the size and density of your LDL and naturally raising HDL, while lowering Triglycerides 
  • [10:00] Advanced Lipid testing
  • [11:30] Coronary Artery Calcium Score or “CAC” helpful in indication of possible future cardiovascular event
  • [14:34] LDL measure used in combination with “CAC” in relation to trying a Keto Diet
  • [15:16] Why LDL may go up after change on a Keto Diet
  • [18:00] “On a low carb or Keto Diet insulin naturally goes down.”
  • [19:20] Hyper Responder 
  • [21:32] Benefits of low carb/Keto Diet vary from person to person
  • [24:00] Lowering LDL on a low carb diet 
  • [25:18] Saturated Fats, are they the devil? 
  • [28:37] How to test quality of scientific study GRADE
  • [31:00] Can you fight popular misinformation/trends about diet?
  • [33:50] “Not all science is created equal and not all low carb/keto diets are created equal either”  
  • [34:08] Eggs and Cholesterol, is the yoke really bad for you? 
  • [38:10] The bodies relation to fats and cholesterols is more complicated than 1+1 = 2
  • [39:00] Information on factory manufactured cooking oils
  • [44:08] American Heart Association’s “Heart Healthy Label”
  • [46:18] Metabolic flexibility, cycling carbs on a Ketogenic Diet 
  • [49:25] “CGM” Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device
  • [55:39] Outro

Listen to the full episode HERE. 


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Rachel Gregory (@rachelgregory.cns) is a Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Author of the best-selling book, 21-Day Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Challenge. She received her Master’s Degree in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology from James Madison University and Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Miami.

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