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The Basics of Body Recomposition

miniflex Aug 09, 2022

I went through my own transformation, my own body composition transformation a few years ago as I came out of CrossFit, and as I went more into, like, hey, I want to change things up, like I was transitioning out of that strict lower carb approach, bringing carbs back in working with my own coach. And so I like learned lots throughout that transformation. T

hat's really what I based my Keto Frohman program on through that, and then also bringing clients throughout as well throughout that, that two ish year period of time. And just kind of as I have a new client coming on, I just explained to them and show them the results of people who went from training six days a week to training three days a week, and not eating carbs to eating carbs, or bring carbs back in strategically, right, and so just showing them that kind of those, whether it's a transformation picture, or kind of bringing them through the process of what it looks like, and what their what they are going to expect or what they should expect.

And just kind of again, educating them and teaching them, you know, the importance of all the things I mentioned before recovery, sleep, stress management, like all of these different lifestyle factors, a lot of people tend to put on the back end, because they're not sexy. You know, no one wants to hear you should be sleeping seven to nine hours a night, you should be maybe meditating a little bit or doing something that brings you into that, you know, parasympathetic mode.

A lot of people don't want to hear that, because they're like, oh, yeah, whatever, whatever. But it's really like, those are a lot of the the least sexy things that make the biggest difference over the long term that I found. It depends on the person. But typically the metrics that I track are, we're looking at, you know, it depends on what their goal is, right? If their goal is say they come a lot of clients coming to me, and they're looking for fat loss. So if their goal is to lose body fat, or change their body composition, we're looking at, you know, body take measurements, we're looking at, you know, pictures, we're looking at scale weight, but the scale is obviously a sensitive subject for a lot of people. So it's educating them behind.

Okay, yes, maybe we're taking your daily scale weight every single morning, but we don't care at all what that number says, we're looking at it on, you know, a trendline, right, we're looking at the average weekly and bi weekly measurements of that scale way. And the reason why we're doing every day is so that we can get an accurate average, right? And so that's kind of one thing, it just again, explained that explains them like, Hey, these are the 20 different reasons why the scale could jump up three pounds overnight for absolutely like and have absolutely nothing to do with fat gain, right. And so it's just educating behind them, educating them behind that.

And then in terms of other metrics, we're tracking, like their sleep, their sleep quality, their mood throughout the day, their hunger, cravings, performance, recovery, how those things are all going and using kind of a metric tracker to track those things daily. And then, you know, each week, we can kind of look back and see, okay, like, how are these on a scale of one to five? How are all these things lining up? And how did maybe your sleep affect this? And this is why, you know, your your hunger was, you know, skyrocketed, but you got four, four hours of sleep last night, okay? They can literally see that on paper and say, oh, okay, that that makes sense.

Maybe I need to sleep a little bit more and I can get my hunger under control or cravings, or whatever it may be. So I think with me, the biggest thing is just kind of having that, that data there and being able to show them that and getting them to get into a groove of realizing that tracking these certain things is very important, especially at a period of time when you're looking to change something that you haven't been able to change in a while.

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