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miniflex Nov 20, 2022

I was laughing at this because earlier in the day, so we're doing this 30 gram per meal protein challenge in my Flex fam group coaching. And it's like a 21 day challenge of 30 grams per meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, spaced out evenly throughout the day, whatever. And the challenge is to post your meals in the group and like tell us how much protein it is and all that jazz. And one of the members posted earlier today, she posted a picture it was she said vegan vegan cauliflower and potato soup with ate like eight ounces of ground turkey.

And I was just like, and then she like whatever talks about and then I comment and I was like That looks really good. But I think the vegans might come after you because it was like, all you see in it is the ground turkey and I'm like, wait, I don't get it. So she I think what she did is she found the recipe like she looked up this recipe and it was a it was a vegan potato and cauliflower soup.

And then she just added a crap ton of meat to it. And so I was just like dying, laughing. I was like, This looks amazing. And you absolutely exceed your protein goal, but the vegans will come after you if you post this anywhere else outside. It's like the same with the Keto stuff and all the labels and all that stuff.

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