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Carbs for Muscle-Building

miniflex Nov 10, 2022

It says upping carbs for muscle growth, how many? And examples of good options, please and thank you one thing I'll say with that, I mean, there's so many I can answer this question so much detail. And so can you, we can go into like, how many carbs you eating, how to structure carbs that the day around your workouts, what's most optimal, what types that are a bit of a blur, all the stuff that we talked about. But I would say that one thing that I've been talking about a lot in my group and with a lot of my clients, because I've noticed this, actually, this past month, with some people asking different things and like making adjustments and trying out different things within their own nutrition. People change things up way too fast before actually seeing what's working.

So if you are going to implement a certain change in your diet by maybe maybe this is just a random sample, maybe you upped your carbs by 40 grams a day, this is super random. If you're going to do that, stick with it for two weeks minimum, before you make any conclusions on how you're feeling, how it's working. If you make any changes to anything else, two weeks minimum, I think that we are so fast to switch things up and feel like it's not working or like we're like, Oh, I did that for two days, I didn't see any benefit, you know, I'm going to change it or I'm going to switch back to what I was doing or change something else. Don't do that. change one variable, stick with it for a minimum of two weeks.

Make your assessment from there, have an Excel sheet, have an Excel sheet, a tracker, keep notes, track all that stuff. You know, that is where you're going to actually see okay, if I'm implementing this change, is it actually working? It's not going to be in one day or two days. You need time to see because there's so many other variables in our life that can affect how we're feeling and that can affect what we might be getting out of that. So two weeks minimum any changes if anything under that you're just wasting your time, in my opinion

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