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Are you Focusing on Recovering from Training?

miniflex Aug 03, 2022

I think CrossFit is great, as a kind of community, you know, you have that community, you have that competition. And if people enjoy CrossFit and they, they want to continue doing that, I think that it's definitely, you know, beneficial, I think there can be a component where there is a little bit of an overtraining component, if you are, you know, getting kind of, you know, you're going to CrossFit five or six days a week, and this is where I was out, it's really, you really have to be careful with that. And then if you're trying to also maybe go into a fat loss phase or diet, you do have to really just pay attention to your, like nutrition side of things. And if you're going into a deficit, and you're preparing, you know, intense training on top of that, especially high intensity training, sometimes that can be a recipe for disaster. And you're, you're kind of getting away from that recovery side of things.

That's something I've learned the hard way over the years is recovery is a huge part of everything. And I find with a lot of the females that I work with, and this used to be me, where I feel like you know, doing more is always better. That's how I was in that kind of camp, like, Oh, if I go to CrossFit three days a week, then all like, if I go four, or five, like that's gonna be better, right. And if I reduce my calories this much, well, if I reduce them more, I can get faster results. And that's better, well, it doesn't really work like that hope. So that's what I found, recovery is a huge thing to pay attention to, that'd be one of the one of the main components that I work on with my clients, and moving more into a hypertrophy style training, you know, CrossFit is and we don't have to necessarily go down the rabbit hole, but it is a performance sport versus like an aesthetic sport.

So if you really are looking to build muscle and do it in the most efficient way possible, then CrossFit might not be your best route to hypertrophy training and following a progressive training program where you can, you know, track your training over time and continue to improve, you know, week after week after week, that is where that muscle growth is going to come from. Not saying you can't do it in other ways, but if you're looking for the most efficient route, that's probably going to be obviously your number one, making sure that you're actually eating enough food in general, like I mentioned, with female clients, if you're looking to build muscle, eating enough food, if you don't have fuel coming in to facilitate that muscle growth, you're just going to continue to work hard and you're not going to be seeing the results that you should be seeing. So you need some fuel to come in to be able to support that recovery.

Because I always say this like when you're in the gym training, you're breaking down your muscles like you're literally tearing your muscle fibers apart you're breaking them down the muscle growth happens when you're sleeping when you're recovering, right so that's something that you know if you can switch your mindset to like hey I need to recover and I need to fuel myself appropriately if I want to see the adaptations from what I'm putting on the stress and putting onto my body if I'm not recovering then I'm doing all this work really for for nothing just to burn out. And yeah, maybe I'll see a little bit of results but it's going to end up not being so great in the end so fuel enough. Yeah, protein intake is huge. Those are probably be the one of some of the tops that I would focus on.

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