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Episode 138: Neurotype Training and The Personality Diet with Mike Millner

podcast Nov 05, 2021

Listeners can find Mike Millner at his website , and on Instagram @coach_mike_millner 

Mike Millner has been a high-level nutrition coach for almost 10 years. He has a gift for understanding the psychological and physiological needs of his clients, which has led to thousands of success stories. His personality-based approach with an emphasis on mindset has been featured in, Nutritional Coaching Institute, Ever Forward Radio, True Transformation, and many others.

Mike believes the most important thing is connecting with you and understanding where you’re at in your journey. Personally, he has been on every end of the spectrum when it comes to dieting and everywhere in between. He’s been ashamed, insecure, overweight, orthorexic, skinny fat, and finally embarrassed to step foot in the gym. But he’s come out the other side into a place of balance, harmony, and good health.

Mike’s goal is to help as many people as possible to navigate through life as a healthy individual in a way that’s sustainable and enjoyable. As Mike would tell you – your personality is the key.


In this episode, we chat all about the mind and body connection, three personality types and how to align your nutrition with each one, why chronic dieting could be working against your goals, and much more!

“The middle ground is where the magic happens.” Mike Millner

Top Takeaways:

  • Benefits of aligning your nutrition goals with your personality traits  
  • Mikes breakdown of personality types in 5 different categories and how to structure nutrition plans based on personality type
  • Why always eating less is ultimately leading to weight gain
  • Ditching the all or nothing mindset 

Show Notes:

  • [0:00] Rachel gives a brief bio about guest Mike Millner to the listeners
  • [1:00] Welcome back to MetFlex and Chill! Rachel welcomes guest Mike Millner @coach_mike_millner to the listeners  
  • [1:30] Keto + CrossFit & Metabolic Flexibility with Rachel Gregory
  • [1:30] Mike dives into his life journey and what lead him into the nutrition and fitness industry
  • [5:30] How Mike’s podcast got its name: Mind Over Macros
  • [7:00] Question:  How do you think personality plays a role in individualized nutrition?
  • [8:00] “Stop Fighting Against Your Personality” Christian Thibodeau
  • [10:30] Neurotransmitter Systems that drive the majority of a person's behavior
  • [13:30] What is glutamate?
  • [19:00] Three personality types and how nutrition aligns within each one
  • [25:00] Question: Can you explain why always eating less and being in a deficit can actually hinder fat loss in some circumstances?
  • [32:00] Question: How do you approach your clients when it comes to spending time in a maintenance phase and getting out of a chronic dieting phase?
  • [40:00] Question: Is there anything from a psychological standpoint that helps you to explain to your clients that it's not perfection that makes the difference, it's consistency over time?
  • [43:30] “As long as you keep moving forward, consistency is going to be the most important part of this process.”
  • [46:00] “The middle ground is where the magic happens.”
  • [46:00] Question: Is there anything that you've changed your mind about in the past year? And why?
  • [47:30] You can find Mike Millner on IG @coach_mike_millner  or his Mind Over Macros podcast wherever you tune into listening.  You can take the personality assessment at   
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