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Episode 1: Raising MetFlex Kids, Dual Fuel, & Keto Carnivore with Danny and Maura Vega podcast Mar 23, 2020

Danny (@DannyVegaMS) and Maura Vega (@fatfueledmom) are a Fat Fueled Family


Natives of Miami, Florida, Danny and Maura Vega are the cohosts of the Fat Fueled Family podcast. Danny received his bachelor’s degree in political science from Columbia University...

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MetFlex & Chill Podcast Trailer podcast Mar 20, 2020

In this episode of the MetFlex & Chill Podcast you're getting a sneak peek preview into the 7 guest interviews that will be launching next week for MetFlex & Chill Binge week!


The guests you'll hear from in this episode include:

Danny & Maura Vega


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Episode 0: Introduction to the MetFlex & Chill Podcast! podcast Mar 18, 2020



What to expect in this episode:

  • My background and how I got to where I am today
  • The importance of being metabolically flexible in our modern world
  • The reason I'm starting this podcast
  • Sneak peek of our launch...
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