Shoulders are the most mobile joint in our body: they're crucial to proper posture, body function, athletic performance, and yes, even aesthetics, but they're often overlooked or improperly trained. Our program teaches you everything you need to grow strong, healthy, and sculpted shoulders, including body mechanics, exercise selection and programming, nutrition, recovery, and more!


Through an exploration of physiology and human kinetics, we will teach you shoulder biomechanics; how they move, connect, and work with surrounding muscles, and how to target ALL the muscles of the shoulder effectively.


We set you up with a customizable shoulder specialization workout, including alternative exercises, finishers, and an explanation of how to incorporate it into your current program. You'll also get a full video tutorial library of all movements.


Growing strength and muscle takes more than a few good exercises - we teach you about optimal training frequency, recovery, nutrition, and more to get the most out of your workouts.



People of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness abilities who are looking to build attractive, functional, and balanced strength in their shoulders. You'll benefit from this workshop if:

  • You've never focused on body-part specific training before, and you're not sure how to work your shoulders effectively
  • You experience neck, upper back, and shoulder pain or poor posture
  • You feel like you have muscle imbalance in your shoulders/upper body
  • You want to learn more about the theory, practical application, and science of growing strength and size in your shoulders
  • You've always wanted to have strong, "toned" shoulders and upper body and can't seem to make it happen


This intensive workshop is a chance to learn and understand what really matters when it comes to building a sculpted upper body - it truly starts with the shoulders! We provide you with the tools and the resources to train this complex area more effectively. The workshop includes:

  • A 90-minute video presentation diving into all aspects of building shoulder strength and muscle, including kinetic and biomechanic information so you know WHY you’re doing what you’re doing
  • Specific programming to target, build, and grow your shoulders that can be incorporated into your current training program, complete with video tutorials and alternative exercises
  • Insight into proper nutrition for muscle growth
  • Recovery protocols to make sure all that training is going to good use
  • Downloadable resources
  • An opportunity to ask Rachel and Ashleigh specific questions


This program doesn’t just give you a couple of exercises to try. We teach you how your muscles move, work, and grow; how to optimize your workouts through movement selection, order, and execution; and provide some fun and challenging exercises. We are also here as a support to answer your questions and have some fun in the process!

Our goal, as always, is to empower you with knowledge and practical applications so you can move forward confidently in your strength-training journey.

You’ll also get a special, participants-only discount for our Flagship program, Muscle Science for Women, if you want to continue learning and getting stronger with us.

Testimonials From Prior Workshops


I want to thank you so much for the glute workshop. I'd literally been doing the same rotation of exercises for two years and my progress was okay, but not great. I learned SO much from you guys and honestly, the gains (and interestingly, I'm much calmer too!) have been fantastic! And I'm loving having new things in my repertoire, it's so much more fun! Thanks so much! You guys for president!!

Shanna Mae

The glute class was amazing!! I've been lifting for 20 years and I learned SO much about the glute muscles I never knew. I started out doing the booty band workouts years back to try to work my glutes more and it never helped, even though I "felt the burn." I also have 2 herniated discs and have had to go to PT for it a few times and your one side at a time advice was spot on what helped me. I've been doing your MSW program since you opened it and it has changed how I work out 100%. The glute class was definitely worth it and I've dropped lots of pointless movements I was trying to get in for extra pump.


First off the lecture was too legit! Y'all "dumbed" down convoluted information around building muscle that I have been chasing for years, so cheers to both of you! I have simultaneously started MSW so I'm not quite in the zone just yet + being pregnant, figuring out what works for this current body. But I can tell you that the differences between squeezers and stretchers were game-changing - I feel like I've been making stuff harder than it ever had to be. Thank you so much for your knowledge and guidance!


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