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You (client) recognize that any and all services provided by Killin It Keto, LLC and owner (Rachel Gregory) involve an inherent risk. Killin It Keto, LLC, its employees, and any contractors shall not be liable for injuries or damages to you (client) or by subject to any claim, demands, injuries, actions, causes of action, or even death. In addition, by agreeing to the terms you also verify your understanding that there are no refunds for the services provided by Killin It Keto, LLC and owner (Rachel Gregory).

It is recommended you first consult with your doctor about this diet and/or exercise plan, especially if you are pregnant or nursing or have any health issues such as diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, etc., as your health-care provider may need to adjust the medication you are taking. Further, this diet and/or exercise plan is not intended for the treatment or prevention of any disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice.

By accepting these terms & conditions, you (client) hereby release Killin It Keto, LLC and owner (Rachel Gregory) from any liability now or in the future for any illness or injury, including, but not limited to heart attacks, death, muscle strains, pulls or tears, broken bones, shin splints, knee, lower back, foot injuries and any other illness, soreness or injury however caused, occurring during or after your participation in the nutrition and/or exercise program offered. You (client) acknowledge that there are no guarantees or promises as to the results or success that will be obtained from the services provided.

By accepting these terms & conditions, you affirm that you have read and fully understand the above information and acknowledge that nothing is to be misconstrued as medical or nutritional prescription and you have been given the opportunity to present questions in all related matters.

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Keto Kickstart PLUS

Keto Kickstart PLUS is an extension of the Keto Kickstart Challenge that includes all features of the challenge PLUS exclusive access to Rachel's online membership portal AND all additional components outlined below.

Who is Keto Kickstart PLUS For?

Anyone who is thinking of enrolling in the Keto Kickstart Challenge OR has previously enrolled in the Keto Kickstart Challenge but is looking for further guidance in the following areas:

✔️Calculating and understanding YOUR individual macros.

✔️Tracking your macros the right way with guides and video lessons that lay it ALL out for you!

✔️Individualized meal prep, planning, and grocery shopping.

✔️Video lessons and direct access to Rachel to answer your questions through the online membership portal.

What does Keto Kickstart PLUS include?

✔️ALL materials from the Keto Kickstart Challenge (guides, handouts, bonuses, etc.) organized in an easy-to-use and download online portal. 

✔️Done-For-You Weekly Meal Plans that include specific calorie ranges to fit your individual macros, easy-to-prepare recipes, time-saving grocery lists, and step-by-step instructions.

  • Specific Calorie Ranges. Take the guesswork out of meal planning and choose the meal plan that fits your calorie goal.
  • Time-Saving Weekly Grocery Lists. Every meal plan includes a time-saving weekly grocery list that coordinates with each week’s recipes. That way you don’t have to go line-by-line through each recipe and write down the ingredients before you can go shopping.
  • New Recipes Every Week to Bust “Taste Bud Boredom.” Each week includes varied recipes so you never get bored or have to eat the same thing over and over.

✔️EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Calories, Macros & Tracking

  • Complete Guide & Lessons To Finding Your Macros. Whether you have no idea what a ‘macro’ is or you’ve been trying to figure out what ‘macros’ are right for you, this program takes the guesswork out and teaches you exactly how to find your macros based on your specific goal.
  • Video Lessons & Tutorials For HOW & WHY To Track Your Macros. Rachel takes you through her proven strategy for tracking macros, why it's important, and step-by-step video tutorials for how to track them.


  • 30+ FAQ Videos
  • Meal Prep Tutorial Videos
  • ‘How-To’ Tutorial Videos
  • Product Recommendation Videos + Exclusive Member Discounts!

What People Are Saying:

The ketogenic diet has almost become a “fad” which is great because it’s getting the word out about how awesome it is, but it’s also sad there is so much misinformation out there and so many companies just taking advantage of the “buzz word”. It’s very important to keep it real and do it right and Rachel’s program does just that. She lays everything out in a scientific yet simple way and uses the best resources to help guide you. If you want good information, real (and yummy) food, and success from someone you can trust, you can’t go wrong here!

Amber Dubs

I have to say I really enjoyed the program. I had been wanting to do this Keto lifestyle for a while but always felt so overwhelmed and because of that would never commit. But with Rachel's program, she gave me the tools and knowledge to begin!! I lost my cravings for unhealthy food, I lost feeling lousy throughout my day and I do plan on continuing living this lifestyle!!

Jillson Bigus

It's always easy to start a new program to improve one's self, but it's not always easy to continue successfully. Rachel has developed a wonderful winner of a program here and is exceptional among nutrition specialists everywhere!

Brian Arnold

I had dabbled with very low carb eating before but never stuck it out long enough to see any real results. After the birth of my second son I wanted to establish good habits to set me up for a lifetime of health. I lost 12lbs following this program, am below my prebaby weight, but more importantly, am convinced that this is something I can do long term to continue to see results. Highly recommended!

Kate Melissa